Help stop fraud - no questions asked

Help stop fraud - no questions asked
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Tenancy fraud is a crime which can deprive people who are in genuine need of a home. Tenancy fraud covers many different activities, such as living in one of our homes when you shouldn’t, not living there when you should, or allowing people we aren’t aware of to live there.

We want your help to crack down on tenancy fraud in your area, to make sure that homes are available for those who need them the most.

Committing tenancy fraud includes:

- Signing up or changing details of your tenancy with false information or using false documents when applying for housing

- Letting your house to someone else (sub-letting) whilst you live elsewhere

- Telling us you live in your home but living elsewhere, leaving the property empty

- Not letting us know when a tenant has died and a family member continues to live in the house

We’re holding a key amnesty during January and February, which means if you think you might be committing tenancy fraud, you can come and give us your keys and we won’t take any legal action against you or even ask any questions.

We’re also asking all of our residents to keep an eye out for any households that might be committing tenancy fraud – if you can help us to spot this crime happening, we can take action to give these homes to people who truly need them.

What should I do?

To hand in your key, come to our reception at 59 Clarendon Road, WD17 1LA and let us know which property they are for. We’ll bring your tenancy to an end from there.

You can put your keys in an envelope (with your address written on the outside) and post them through the letterbox on our front doors.

To report someone, you can call our confidential fraud hotline by calling 01923 209120 and speaking to our staff or leaving a voicemail.

You can also email us details of any concerns you have at

You do not need to give your name and address – any reports are strictly confidential.