Jump in! Treating single parent families to a trampolining trip

Jump in! Treating single parent families to a trampolining trip
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During half term, Watford Community Housing invited single parents and their children to a free trip to Jump In in Borehamwood as part of a new support group.

The trip was a huge success, with over 100 people coming along to enjoy a morning of jumping, games and refreshments at the trampoline park. Thanks to support from Watford Community Housing’s Community Development Fund, the trip and transport to and from the park was free for everyone who attended. Attendees were even treated to free drinks and doughnuts!

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have recently started up a friendship and support group for single parents. Single Parents Watford aims to bring together one-parent families from all backgrounds and offer them a place to come together and share support and advice. After some initial meetings, the group planned their first trip together for half term, so that parents could have an affordable way to have fun with their children and get together to meet new people in similar circumstances.

On the day, the park proved an excellent way for kids of all different ages – and their parents – to get active. From the high-drop slide to the miniature game of dodgeball, there was something for everyone – including a café for those who didn’t fancy a jump!

One parent, Bex Byrne, attended with her two children and said of the event: “It’s been really, really good! It’s been lovely to meet new people and to get to spend time with my children – sometimes as a single parent I don’t get as much quality time with them as I’d like. It’s been great fun and all the different activities gave the kids the chance to try new things and be brave!” The event also got a glowing review from her son: “I loved the bouncing and jumping from the high board!”

Another parent agreed, saying: “Thank you so much for today – my child had a great time. I’m so glad I found this group. I don’t drive, money is often limited and I don’t have family members around, so this activity meant a lot to us both. Thank you again – it’s much appreciated.”

Sophie Phillips, Senior Community Engagement Officer for Watford Community Housing, helped to organise the event with other members of staff. She said: “This event has been a wonderful opportunity to bring single parents together! We know that half term can be a challenge for parents due to financial constraints or a lack of childcare and it was a real pleasure to support families to have a fun morning with their kids. We want to bring people together to help create a group that’s supportive and empowering for everyone – we’re very excited to see what the group will be able to achieve in the future!”

If you’d like to get involved in the group, head to the ‘Single Parents Watford’ Facebook group and request to join to find out about future events and meetings. You can also email the group on community@wcht.org.uk. Head there to find out about the next activity – a Christmas party on Saturday 1st December at the Meriden Community Centre.