Legal information

Our rules

Watford Community Housing members vote on any proposed changes to our rules at our annual general meeting. You can read the proposed new rules here.

Our rules set out how we are run, making sure that we put people first. They are based on the National Housing Federation's Model Rules 2015, which are used by the majority of housing associations across the country and allow us to demonstrate the highest standard of governance.

Every year we review our rules to make sure they are fit for purpose and enable us to deliver the best possible services. If any changes are proposed, Watford Community Housing members are given the opportunity to vote on whether to approve the new rules at our annual general meeting in September. 

Click here to read the new version of our rules (PDF download).

Members will vote on whether to adopt these rules at our annual general meeting on 9 September 2019. The proposed changes are marked up in the document, so you can easily see what is changing – the main changes this year are in Section D, on pages 15 and 18.