Abbey View & Munden View's audit success

Abbey View & Munden View's audit success

Over the past few years, the government have outlined a number of fire safety recommendations that organisations and services must carry out on a cyclical basis covering buildings just like our blocks Abbey View and Munden View, that are multiple occupancy and over 18 metres high.

Following these recommendations, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue chose us to be the subject of their first government mandated fire safety audit, following the work our asset and compliance team put into fire safety at Abbey & Munden last year, investing over £1.5million into the buildings with a brand new sprinkler system and multi-sensor fire alarms.

On 4th September our team attended Abbey View and Munden View with the fire service to assess these blocks and thanks to all the work that has been done to improve safety in these buildings, both Abbey View and Munden View passed this audit with flying colours. 

This is a fantastic result for us and the hard work that went into improving the fire safety in our tallest buildings, and a piece about this successful audit will appear in Herts Fire and Rescue's 100th Newsletter.

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