Our survey says

Our survey says
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Your feedback is really important to us – it helps us to shape our services to better meet your needs. Working with Feefo, the popular automated customer feedback platform, we are streamlining our surveys to give a quicker, simpler and more transparent service.

From now on, after we’ve completed a repair in your home, we’ll send you an email or text message with a link to Feefo’s website, where you’ll be able to let us know how we did.

This will replace paper surveys, reducing waste and saving you a trip to the postbox! It will also mean that we can respond more quickly to your feedback by taking care of any issues and tailoring our services to make them better.

We have also refined our surveys to make the whole process much quicker, asking fewer questions and making them more specific so they are easier to answer.

Using Feefo, you will also have the ability to opt out of surveys if you would prefer not to receive them. And to help us make sure we don’t send you repeat requests to fill in surveys, this system can recognise when we have already asked you for your feedback.

You’ll be able to give us your opinions through your phone or laptop – all you need is access to the internet to get started. But don’t worry if you aren’t confident online or don’t have access to the internet – you can still share your views with us in the traditional way, by calling us on 0800 218 2247!