How we're performing

We're committed to listening to your feedback. Here you can find out how we're performing, based on what you've said about our services, and what we're doing to make improvements.

You Said, We Did...

As well as listening to your feedback, we know it's important to act on it too. 

Here's how we've improved our services based on what you've said.

You told us you wanted more of a say in who we award contracts to... we had 27 of our tenants involved in the procurement process for our cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts. 
Due to the dissatisfaction with the flower beds on Boundary Way...
...we arranged for the flower beds to be rebuilt and replanted.
To help our visually impaired tenants...
...we have the option for them to stay on the line when calling us, rather than having to push buttons for different options. 
We received a complaint that parking bays at Fairfolds were not clearly defined... we repainted the bays to make them stand out!
Our tenants wanted easier access to services and booking repairs... we are constantly improving our online tenancy services, including adding the ability to book and monitor repairs online. 
As a result of a complaint we received and feedback from our 'Repairs' tenant question time...
...we have made sure that weekend and evening appointments are available and offered to customers. 
Customers in our independent living accommodation were unhappy that their guests were not allowed to stay overnight... we changed our policy to allow them to stay for up to two weeks!

We received this feedback from happy customers.