Looking after your home

Improvement programme

As part of our commitment to providing better homes, we're carrying out a programme of improvement works which runs until 2021.

To make sure our homes are kept in the best condition, we began a five-year planned home improvement programme in April 2016. Lots of homes will be upgraded through the programme, with works including new kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, roofing, electrical wiring and internal and external decoration.

The works are being carried out by Engie, a company which specialises in community regeneration and house building, as well as delivering extra care services, repairs and more.

To keep up to date with the programme and for more information, visit the dedicated Watford Community Housing improvement programme website.

How did you select which homes would be improved?
During our routine stock condition surveys, where we visit your home to check on the current state of your property, we note where repairs, improvements or upgrades are needed. We use this information to determine whether your home will be eligible for the improvement programme.
How will I know if my home has been selected?
At the beginning of each year, Engie or Watford Community Housing will get in touch with every household that will be part of the programme in that year.

You can also see details of when the improvement programme is scheduled for your street here. Please note that this may be subject to change.
What types of work does the programme cover and how do you decide which homes are eligible?
Kitchens – Kitchens will be replaced if they are over 20 years old and are expected to be in poor condition by 2021.

Bathrooms – Bathrooms will be replaced if they are over 30 years old and are expected to be in poor condition by 2021.

Electrical upgrades – Electrical works will be undertaken if the wiring and/or consumer unit are at the end of their design life.

Roofing – The decision to replace roofing will be made following a visit from Engie and Watford Community Housing.

Windows – Windows will be replaced if they are over 30 years old and if we are expecting a lack of spare parts by the end of 2021.

Doors – External doors will be replaced if they are over 30 years old and are expected to be in poor condition by the end of 2021.

External decorations – Some previously painted surfaces will be redecorated. These are identified during the stock condition surveys.

Communal areas – The programme will also cover some elements of communal areas, including redecorations and flooring. Communal doors and door entry systems will not be included in the renovations at this time but will be included in future programmes.
Who should I contact if I have questions about the improvement programme?
Please contact Kelsey Fox, Site Administrator for Engie – call 01923 637834 or email

You can also speak to Louise Todd, Resident Liaison Officer for Engie on 07584 114532.